Saturday, February 15, 2014

Folk Song Research, Anyone?

I'm a geek. I'm on mid-winter break and perusing folk song websites just because I find it fascinating. So this post is quite the jump away from the cute Valentine's activities I posted recently. I decided to add a "Folk Song Research" link section to the blog. I had this on my now defunct old website and thought some of my equally geeky folk song enthusiast friends might find some of them helpful, or at the very least, interesting.

I'm not going to comment on each site I included because that would take longer than you want to read. I'll just say some of the sites are oldies but goodies for Kodaly teachers, like Smithsonian Folkways, the Holy Names Folk song collection, or the Lomax collection that can now be found online.

Some of the others, I hope, are less familiar to you and you may find as cool as I do. Some are more academic than others, perhaps, but they have come in handy in my teaching quite often. Mama Lisa's website is great for finding kids' songs and nursery rhymes from different cultures around the world. What I liked about the Evansville folk dancers website is that they post videos of folk dances from different countries that you can watch. I love it!

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