Sunday, January 17, 2010

And it begins...

I have decided to get my feet wet in the world of blogging, but decided that doing a personal blog wasn't something I felt drawn to. It would be hard to find things in my mundane life interesting to others, and what's the point of posting a blog if nobody is interested it following it? Uh...that would be a diary. So I said to myself, "Self, what talents and interests do you have that might be of interest to others?" Well, I love music, I love teaching, and I love being creative, and I get a charge out of sharing my wacky ideas with my own students and with other music teachers, so maybe a blog on classroom ideas is a good idea. Can I generate enough ideas to share with other music teachers to keep them coming back for more? Well, I guess we'll find out. If you find my ideas useful to your teaching, then become a follower of my blog and let me know to keep the ideas coming. Happy teaching!

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